Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Marshmallow on the loose!

Yeay! My homemade marshmallow is nicely done...and I'm loving it so much....I got the recipe from Joy of Baking and after this no need to buy it from the market which is not guaranteed to be Halal. Instead of using light corn syrup (which is expensive) I just used the same amount of glucose syrup and it turn out perfectly great! The gelatin I used for the marshmallow is from Halalgel which is a fish base gelatin...Konfirm Halal! The making of this fluffy candy was easy and it only takes about 45 minutes to complete it.

Enjoy People!!

It was sticky and hard to cut it~
Looks so fluffy ain't it!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cheese Cake for Farhah!

Although I'm kinda sick but luckily I still manage to complete this Strawberry Cheesecake with oreo crust for one of my friend Farhah... I'm hoping that it will taste great and she will enjoy every bite of it soon...Thanks Farhah for purchasing the cake from me....Do you want a bite of it too? The cake weigh about 1kg+ and priced RM60... Contact me if you are interested!

Have a Yummylicious Friday people!

Monday, October 17, 2011


My body ache so badly right now....it like the mussel has been torn out into pieces. But I'm here at the lab working like a guinea pig. Hoping that I will survive throughout the day without fainting or what so ever..Feel tired almost in every inch through my bone...Dear frens, pray for my good health because there is so much work to be done now....Amin

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Big Bad Wolf

Its an awesome event and seriously I don't want to miss a chance if there's another events like this...The books were all interesting and yet very cheap...anyone can afford it...If you asked me how much I bought for myself....9 piece of books...that a record for me because honestly I didn't like to read much...but, sometimes you have to read to enhance your imagination...to sharpen it as well.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sleepy Heads and Chocolate Mousse

I'm at my working desk now...Listening to Ramble by Silverchair thru the Ipod...Oh no, I don't want to fell asleep now...huhu..Is it because of the nice lunch meal that I bought from the Baker's Cottage just now? Maybe I guess....Well, I'm hoping that I will not getting any larger by eating this heavenly food. The mousse cake was extremely delicious. Normally, I will feel corny when eating the cake but not this time. The chocolate taste was so rich and you will not stop eating until it finish...This is what I ate during lunch time: 

The most delicious Chocolate Mousse only RM4.90...Yummy! and Loving every bite of it!
The RM2.90 Blueberry Cheese Tart was a no no...Taste awwwwwwfulllll!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Birthday Cake...Missing!

Funny story for this month of October peps... A friend of mine was baking a nice chocolate cake for one of our colleague who is having her 22nd birthday but she is on leave for 2 days because of the high fever (poor girl)... So, my friend here put in the chocolate cake in the fridge before the poor girl came to work...and one fine morning :

                    Colleague : 
                    Open up the fridge  and took out the cake box...
                    "Eh, apesal cam ringan je bekas kek ni? 
                           (Translation : Eh, why is the cake box was so light?)"
                    Then she open up the box and with shocking voice...
                    "Siape pulak yang makan kek ni?" 
                    (Translation: Who the hell ate this cake??!!)

                    Birthday Girl : 
                    Thank goodness she doesn't end up crying....

Are you interested to know how much left of the cake? Even the Angry Bird will be angrier for these matters..

Poor Birthday Girl.....not only she feeling unwell and plus the chocolate cake too was eaten by somebody else which is UNKNOWN...hahaha...and this is not the first time since my food also has been missing in action too last year. 

PS: Kak Ana nanti boleh buat lagi okey sebab memang sangat sedap lah~

The lesson is - Do not ate without permission, maybe someone will be sad because of your action...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nasi Lemak and Iced Coffee

To be honest...its kinda sucks to be in these shoes...and I'm gradually learned to hate everyone around me...feeling insecure is greater than before...OK OK OK...I'm feeling stressed now....

Source: Google

          Lunch time is a perfect getaway for me at this moment. I really like to drive and driving will leave things behind....so, I went for nasi lemak and a glass of iced coffee at the RNR Nilai. It was fabulous and only cost me RM3.00 for that incredible taste. Thank you Allah for giving me this great pleasure of yours...Now it is time to think really hard what do I really want within this short period...and here it goes:
  • CheryPolka needs to be official soon
  • More thing to bake and more experimental with baking also
  • Put on a nice shoes and travel
  • Try to get myself in a happy place
  • Have a travel calender for myself
  • Don't ever forget a camera...just in case
  • And lastly is a NO NO NO NO NO NO NO to travel along with families
Yeah...you may think I'm crazy but seriously, "Ade mak kesah?"... So, message to myself : Think about yourself and only from the 10th place is provided others. Anything falls in between is all about me...It's sound so selfish, but do you care? No need to be in these shoes because you have your own shoes to fit in...until we meet again soon~