Friday, December 5, 2014

Oversea Trip.

Throwback time! Hewhew. This happens on May this year.
At Gold Coast Airport.
         I went to Australia with the in laws family and this was my first time flying for 8 hours nonstop. Yes we survived with little turbulence during the flight. Seram! Fortunately I had no nausea and sleeping all the way to Australia. Reached Gold Coast Airport at almost 9.30 pm. Sleepy but at the same time feeling excited. Surely the climate was different from Malaysia! Feeling SEJUK to the bone! Mengada sangat kan! Cooler than GENTING HIGHLAND for sure.

         After getting through the airport’s officers, we continue our journey to the NORTH by renting a MVP car, easier to fit all of us. We spend our 3 nights at the Surfer Paradise. Yeay! The apartment was near to the sea! We can see the shore from our balcony. Wake up with the sound of waves crashing and rushing to the shore was an unforgettable moment! RINDU!

Driveway in front of the apartment early in the morning. Look straight you will find the sea. 

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