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Friday, June 28, 2013

Farewell Party at Pakistani Cuisine - Asif Beriani Restaurant


Yesterday is the last working day for Mansor at our department. Sedih? Sedih tak? Sikit je. Mansor, lepas pindah tempat kerja baru ini, saya rasa semakin berasap la Innova kan. Maklumlah yang lain semua memang heavy smoker. OWH MY GOODNESS! Sentap! Perasaannya lebih teruk daripada musim jerebu di luar tatkala ini. Harap tidak la saya terpingsan-pingsan nanti. Huhu.

          Kami satu department semalam feeling-feeling sambut farewell Mansor dan Ayu di Restoran Beriani Asif. Yup, this is my first time being there. I think it is not that far from the office. About 15 minute by walking. If there were no guidance from En. Sobri or En. Mohd Noor, I am sure we could not find the place. 

At the entrance.
Taking pictures while waiting the meal. Highlights: I do think Kak Emy (in red blouse) looks slimmer from the last meeting. 
          The meal was absolutely remarkable. It is delicious and during the lunch period it is packs with people. I manage to take some picture of the food. Firstly, I tried their mango lassi and it was decious as if I am eating a fresh mango. Not kidding there. Then came the beriani rice made from 100% basmathi rice which is claimed to be good for your health has a really fluffy texture! Suka suka suka! The side dishes was even tastier - Chicken Masala, Lamb Shank, Grilled Lamb and Cucumber Salad. I didn't taste the chicken Masala. But the lamb shank was superb. The lamb was cooked perfectly and so tender! The grilled lamb was good too!

The food from the restaurant! Looks yummy!
Star of the day. I'm wishing all the best for both of them. May new place will gives them more joy and happiness!