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Monday, January 14, 2013

KFC - Kelantan Fried Chicken


I never tasted before in my life the Kelantan Fried Chicken (also know as Kel FC). Normally the products were marketed at night market and they have hundreds of branch throughout Malaysia. But I found out that they have opened their first ever restaurant in Equine Serdang. The waitress told us that they had already operating 7 months ago and will be promoting their restaurant on Jalan-jalan Cari Makan (JJCM) on this 21 Jan 2013! I am sure the restaurant will be a hot spot after this. 

Why did I say a HOT SPOT? It is because the price was so cheap and tasty! Really cheap and at the end of the day you are thankful enough with the full belly. I like to say that the  serving portion are more compared to the other KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)! Of course the chicken size was absolutely bigger than what we usually eat at KFC. Not only that the chicken was marinated with their homemade recipe and it taste different. You have to taste it and you know what I mean.  

Well, I guess it is time for some changes! Let us support local and Halal food. Jom review what my friends and I had at the Kel Fried Chicken. Demo boleh kecek kelate pah ni :)

Whole Leg Chicken Chop RM8.00

Kelantan Chicken Chop RM5.00 ( One of the hot item! )

Chicken Rice Kel FC RM6.00 - The rice was so soft and aromatic!

Ice blended Chocolate and Tiramisu RM3.00 each.