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Friday, September 21, 2012

Mini Pelamin from Cantik Manis Bridal & Bouquet

To have a Mini Pelamin on the engagement day was really a drama. Even Korean's drama was beaten by it. The story goes like this.....At first, I was very not to have a pelamin until I meet Kamal and Nadia during an open house at Pija's. Instantly I was falling in love with the decotaion of the pelamin for thier sister's engagement. Refer to the image below...Fantastic isn't it? Like it because I think it is quite modern (and importantly no scallop). The deco was made by Azmah Ahmad Wedding Deco & Events. The cost for the mini pelamin below is from RM450.00 (without the white sofa) and above. Standard prize. Unfortunately, I didn't get them for my event. Fully booked I guess. Owh sedih! Maybe next time perhaps.

Taken from :
Azmah Ahmad Wedding Deco & Events

          Worry not! Along Nadirah was there to the rescue. So, she gave me the contact number of one of her friend that also involved with wedding events. I met this petite kakak named Ira Azura (hihi same as mine) from Cantik Manis Bridal & Bouquet  at my office since her wedding boutique was not far from here. Thank goodness she already reserved for me a slot on the 16 Sept. Phew! Since I know the theme from man's side will be blue and also my kurung dress is will be outstanding with also with blue, so I decided that backdrop of the pelamin should be blue and pink. It turns out great and simple just like I like it! One thing that I found really amazing about Kak Zura is, she managed to bring all the stuff to build the pelamin all the way from Bangi with her little Kelisa! Woah, impressive sangat! 

The sweet colour pelamin. Imagine all of this are placed in little kelisa.
The prize for the pelamin was RM450.00. I think you can get more extravagant pelamin than I am because I requested for a simple one.

Kak Zura with the President's Pavilion Award at the Floria 2011