Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nasi Lemak and Iced Coffee

To be honest...its kinda sucks to be in these shoes...and I'm gradually learned to hate everyone around me...feeling insecure is greater than before...OK OK OK...I'm feeling stressed now....

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          Lunch time is a perfect getaway for me at this moment. I really like to drive and driving will leave things, I went for nasi lemak and a glass of iced coffee at the RNR Nilai. It was fabulous and only cost me RM3.00 for that incredible taste. Thank you Allah for giving me this great pleasure of yours...Now it is time to think really hard what do I really want within this short period...and here it goes:
  • CheryPolka needs to be official soon
  • More thing to bake and more experimental with baking also
  • Put on a nice shoes and travel
  • Try to get myself in a happy place
  • Have a travel calender for myself
  • Don't ever forget a camera...just in case
  • And lastly is a NO NO NO NO NO NO NO to travel along with families may think I'm crazy but seriously, "Ade mak kesah?"... So, message to myself : Think about yourself and only from the 10th place is provided others. Anything falls in between is all about me...It's sound so selfish, but do you care? No need to be in these shoes because you have your own shoes to fit in...until we meet again soon~

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