Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Welcome To Thailand!

Saje je nak cerita...Well, this is my first time step my foot on Thailand's soil. Wohoo! Exited even though not that far from Malaysia. Just across the border. Anyway thanks to Datuk for bringing us to Dannok although it was really a short trip. Seriously I'm not satisfied because there are so much interesting things there. memang best. They said the night life there were awesome (only for men I guess). But it is okay, no need to be there at night because I think it is quite scary. For only 3 hours of roaming around Dannok, this is what I found interesting and mainly about foood! I wanted to go there again next time!

Welcome to Thailand...Sempat ambil gambar budak kiut!

Fruits look great!
Corn... first time seeing the purple color. 
Coconut drinks and flavored glutinous rice.
Kak Izan and Ain
Usus? Seriously?

Pulut ayam goreng siap dengan logo Halal :D

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