Friday, March 15, 2013

Exotic Food - Lembah Bernam Restaurant


In front of the restaurant - Kak Emy
          Have you ever curiously wanted to taste something different and exotic? Yes I do. In my visit to Sekinchan, my friend had introduce us this restaurant that serve not only eels but other exotic delicacies such as hedgehog, deer and quail too. I was so curious how does the hedgehog's meat taste like. The answer to it that it is tough meat and it taste okay just like cow's meat. But according to my fiance, after consume the hedgehog meat's, it will give more heat to the body. Of course I didn't feel any different after eating it. But it is advisable to people with high blood pressure not yo take the meat.

          These are the food that has been serve. Makanan Kampung. From top clock wise - Ayam Kampung Goreng Berempah, Ulam dan Sambal Tempoyak, Sembilang Masak Lemak Cili Api, Rendang Ayam Kampung, Landak (Hedgehog) Masak Kari. What I really like from the above is the Rendang Ayam Kamoung and those green leaves. A real yums!

          If you are really into Malay foods, I really encourage you to have a meal here and for you info, they only serve you a lunch treat. According to the locals, this place was quite famous and you will get there easily. Please have a visit to these place and plus, you will have a really nice view during the paddy growing season. Enjoy!


  1. wow.. exoticnya! price? reasonable tak?

    1. Reasonable juga..kalau tak silap gulai landak tu RM20 sepinggan.


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