Thursday, February 7, 2013

Clinic Café at Sunway Prai

A story of few months ago,

I was working up north and one night I was really hungry. Plus I have no idea where to find a good meal. Yup, being alone, hungry and far away from home was not a great thing. A night before, my colleagues was bragging about having dinner at a clinic near the hotel. They said that the clinic served them a really great meals and one of them were jabbed a few times. Half disbelieved with the jabbed thingy (because they look fine to me), at last they told me the truth that they had dinner at Clinic Café. Feel exited to try the food and I went there to have the experience. 

A step in the restaurant, I can feel the ambience of being in a hospital! Oh my, the nurses welcoming you and help with the orders. Unique! The food was nice and some clinic’s utensils were used! I like! Feeling-feeling sangat macam orang sakit. Enjoy people!

Aww! The interior is just like in hospital.

Appetizer Buffalo Chicken Wings

Chicken Cordon Bleu - Breaded Chicken with cheese and special gravy.

Fish and Chips

Mango Lassi

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