Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Goodbye January and Say Hello to February

Today is the last day of January 2012. I can't sleep last night due to the bombing like experience of fire cracker wars in the neighborhood. It was a nightmare. I just can't imagine to those who is in reality facing a
          Lets talk about January. Loads had happened in a slip second without any warning. Adventurous indeed I may say. At the beginning, there is an opening party. Next, meeting interesting people in exchanging new things and knowledge which always fascinate me. I began to wonder how people would have their lives in a such ways. So, imagining is the key point to understand. I do like cool stuff, such as an odd design watch nut yet pretty or maybe, hitching a ride on a train just to get to the country from Thailand before 9.50pm. That was some awesome story that are real and not from just story books. Wishing I would have that experience. 

          Between mid and end of Jan, there are more surprises and don't forget the skinny crab! I really like to share one of the best Tomyam and Kerabu Mangga that i ever taste before. Located at Taman Melawati, the placed called Pha-Pha Garden Restaurant. I think they have this new menu, steamboat and barbecue. We do asked weather the steamboat came with tomyam soup and they said yes! Yeay, all the food you can eat and only cost a little.
The Flaming Tomyam

          Tomorrow all of us will step in to the month of February. As for me counting four days a head hoping to be a wiser person and lucky enough I have found someone that is more exciting than ever before. More surprisingly, there are small things that you've made make me stunned. Thank you!


  1. try tomyam kt sri ayutthaya blkg carrefour wangsa maju..not bad but a bit pricey..

  2. 4 days left... Stunned?

    1. yes...wait for my next entry and you'll see

  3. Okie Dokie.. will wait for that.. :)

  4. 2 Days.. to go... Aunty Az...


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