Monday, July 2, 2012

Pekan Rabu and Ikan Pekasam

Last week I was in Alor Star, Kedah. Of course it a working trip. But I managed to go to Pekan Rabu literally know as Wednesday Market at the heart of Alor Star. It is an old market and has been standing there for 37 years. Older than I am! My main goal is to buy Ikan Pekasam...Yummy! My favorite although it has some ewww fermentation smell. Ikan pekasam is fish fermented with lots of salt, rice and tamarind for few weeks (normally for 2 weeks).

Kak Izan berposing =)
Fermented fish known as "Ikan Pekasam"

Recipe - Ikan Pekasam Goreng

  2 Ikan Pekasam
  1 Onion
  3 Dried Chillies
  1. Cut onion and dried chilies.
  2. Heat the oil and fried the 'Ikan pekasam' until cooked / crispy.
  3. Sere a little bit the onion and chilies with a spoonful of oil form frying the fish.
  4. Sprinkle the fried onion and chilies over the fried fish. Done =) 


  1. Woit! Sebesar alam letak gambar org ye! Heh..nanti i follow instagram u k.

  2. Mestilah...kate international model...okey, I will follow u too!


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