Monday, November 5, 2012

Jom perkena mee rebus!

After a long hard day working at the trial plot in MARDI...I'm proudly announce it is now lunch time!
 Today I was given a chance to choose the eating place! Hooray!
I'm thinking to have something light and no-no rice please! I had plenty of them and feels fat enough.
There was a nice place that I haven't yet visit since last time in 2010 with my lab's colleague. 
They said the place was quite famous and it was true indeed because served you with delicious yet a simple meal. 
Welcome to  Mee Rebus Mak Long!
Of course the house specialty was mee rebus. The plain mee rebus cost you for only RM3.50 and the special mee rebus (you can have it with beefs prawns or chickens) for only RM 4.50. Amazingly cheap! It was a simple detection on how to know to food was indeed good when Prof Albert is around. just asked him aout the food and if he answer, "ohh, I think the food is very nice, it wasn't spicy and I like it." This means that the food was great!
Besides mee rebus, you can have chicken rice and it was a nice dish also. Smelled of homemade cooking really rocks your appetite especially when you are really far away form home. 

 So, kawan-kawan, jangan lupa singgah na kalau ke Kepala Batas. Pi pekena mee rebus!

I'm having Mee Rebus Special with Beefs 

Prof Albert is excited - I can it from here!
Tapai Pulut - as appetizer :)

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