Thursday, April 19, 2012

Special Chicken Chop

While in Penang, I have decided to drag my BF to roam around and find something interesting. He showed me the Penang Port which I found quite beautiful at night. We went further up north looking for food.

          Then I saw this glittery and a really nice decorated restaurant just besides the main road. There we decided to have Lamb Chops, Mixed Grilled, Mee Gulung (the waiter told it was the restaurant's special dish), Lime with Asam Boi and Soursop drinks, although earlier we are actually have eaten Glutinous Rice with Mango and Laksa. Probably I feel a bit greedy at that time. Lol! The portion of the food was BIG and can be considered as CHEAP.. The taste for me is good and nice suitable with the price. Total price of the dishes are below RM50.00! HAPPY!

So, guys don't forget to check out this place!

Mixed Grill (front) and Lamb Chop
Mee Gulung

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