Friday, February 24, 2012

Golden Apple Snails

Golden apple snails or locally known as Siput Gondang Emas has been infested the rice fields in Malaysia and other countries such as Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia. There are two species were found are Pomacea canaliculata (golden) and Pomacea incerlarum (grey-brown with dark spots).  The snails are originated from Latin America and have been brought into the country to be raised by the food traders. It is believed to be unsuccessful and discharged to the environment. The invasion started in 1992 at Wan Mat Saman’s irrigation canal in Pangkalan Kundur, Kedah and spreading throughout the north region rapidly threatening not only the agricultural areas, wetlands, natural freshwater systems but also threaten native aquatic vegetation and aquatic fauna, including native snails.
The Golden Apple Snails having a sweet moments.
Life Cycle
The eggs are bright pink and changes to light pink when nearly hatched. The eggs will be matured between 7-15 days and the hatching process takes for 5 days. The baby snail has soft shell and will harden within in 2 days. It will start moving after reaching the size of 5mm. The smaller snails will feed on algae and detritus but as it getting bigger at the size of 15mm upwards the diet will changed to higher plants such as paddy. The snails are sexually matured at the age of 75-90 days and the life span is between 3-5 years.
Source : Kupunakalo
Infestation to the rice fields
The snails will attacked the rice plant from its base before proceeding to other parts of the plant.
About 93% of rice yield will be lost due to the infestation and damages by the snail to the rice seedlings until 30 days after sowing. Presence of the snails detected when there were blotches of lost seedlings at the rice field and the eggs. The spreading of the snails can be controlled by: 
  1. Culture and physical control - The snails and the eggs were destroyed after being gathered from the field. Wood pickets were placed at the field infected for the snail to lay the eggs. In the beginning of the paddy’s growth, weeds at the field need to be cleaned.
  2. Mechanical control - Net were installed at inlet and outlet of field’s water system to prevent the snails spread.
  3. Biology control - Rearing ducks (Khaki Campbell and Muscovy) to act as controlling agent which will eat the snails and the eggs.
  4. Chemical control - Using chemicals pesticides such as niclosamide, saponin or metaldehyde.
PS: More to learn! This is just the beginning and this page will be updated frequently!


Monday, February 20, 2012

Hormone. Serious!

Well I love eating. Serious! But at the same time need to slim down too. but to have a good workout. Erk, I don't think so. Lately my hormone became an issue...Do I have to make it as an issue? No need I guess.

          I have been reading few blogs...such as a "hormone" blogs. Seriously people, it is so contagious like nothing. Really negative energy flowing in the air that I'm breathing now. But actually it is my fault too. No one asked to read all those writings rite? For me it is just amusing and somehow I feel sorry for them for being pathetic. My advise, just chill, relax and write something people can appreciate later than all those personal "hormone" stories. Grow up need to abuse yourself here where people can actually can screw you up and mock back at you. If somebody or maybe someone does that to you, then no need to SENTAP HATI MAK NAK! Your option is just think back what you have wrote and deal with it. Peace no war.

Happy Reading People~  

PS: Padahal gua nyer post yang lepas semua hormon-hormon ape.. hikhik

Monday, February 13, 2012

Paper Butterflies

Maybe some of you have seen the entry before and some of you might not. I just want to re-post it. The truth is, I only have the pictures...the real ones only Allah knows where I put it. Such a sad moment to remember and all the hard work, wasted! Seriously I missed them and have to accept they are gone. OMG!

          All of the are indeed very inspiring rite? Wishing there will be more of them in future. All I need now is my own sweet time to think, design and create. Don't forget the space too! Well I guess it is time to pump up the spirit and create more of this fascinating stuff. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


On 4th Feb 2012, I woke up and look myself in the mirror. Look at myself in every inch and every bits of it. Checking for any sign of wrinkles. Thank goodness there is none of it. But to start counting on pimples that grew overnight, is not a happy moments to start a new day.

          The beginning of twenty eight. I am proud of it and Alhamdulillah I am still alive and be able to write again and again. Happy Birthday to me! Things that I had hoped for this year are may there are more happiness, love and lots of surprises! To those who wished and sang a birthday song, thank you so much and I really appreciate it so much! What a memorable year! To dear friends, Zaidiana and Pija, thanks for the chocolate treats although seriously my stomach was pretty full by the Arabian food. Hey, on your birthday next month let us have a road trip then. Jom!

Treat from the girls!

          The things I might not forget is to have a special gift from someone special. Thank you dear for the flower and the chocolate and the thought although you are far away. While writing this, I definitely sure that I missed you so much, but too ego to tell it directly to you.   

Hope this day is as special as you are
Count your life by smiles, not tears
Count your age by friends, not years.
Happy birthday!