Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nurul Ikan Bakar!

It has been my third time eating here as I was away to work up north of the country. I like it so much and this place was highly recommended my me! The restaurant was located in Batu Uban. Driving from Perai across the magnificent Penang bridge will take you about 20 minutes (with normal speed). Take the exit towards Bayan Lepas and take the first exit on your left. Be extra cautions because the exit from the highway towards the restaurant was small and easily to be missed. The exit to this awesome place was a bit narrow and easily you will miss the junction if you are not careful enough.

          What makes this place a pit stop for you while visiting the Penang Island? It is because they serves you with plenty of fresh seafood! Fresh shrimps, squids, sting rays, sea basses and cockles can be found here. These foods can be prepared according to what suites your taste by simply grilled, steamed, stir fried, a sweet sour dish or fry it with hot chilies. Just name it! The price was reasonable enough and affordable.

          It was a really nice place really. Even the  people from the Netherlands and Japan love it. Last time when I was brought here with Mrs Sacha, she mention that the shrimps at the restaurant are bigger, fresh and cheap! Yup, this is because the shrimps that she used to eat back home in the Netherland are imported one. Alhamdulillah, the food are still considered cheap here in our country. Don't forget Prof. Albert and Mrs Tomoko. They too enjoy the food that being served here. I remember Mrs Tomoko said, "Oishii!" while the food. So, when you are in Penang, care to have a bite there and tell me what you think of it! Hoping you will feel the same as I am!

Fresh from the sea.

The menu: Grilled sting ray, fried squid, sweet sour sea bass, mango salad and stir fried vegetables. 

The parties and busy with their cameras.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Second Season

Hello Mr. Snails! We meet again for the second time! It has been a while I did not write a thing or two on this blog. Yup, I have been away to meet Mr. Snails again! I hope this project will turn out well and will benefit the paddy farmers in future. Well, let me keep it to myself first what is it all about. I don’t want to leak in some information or else I’ll be chopped off later on.

New plot for second season of the project.
          Well, besides meeting Prof Albert and Mrs Sacha, I met someone from Japan, Mrs Tomoko who will maybe be working with us in future. Happy! Meeting new people is refreshing indeed. And never forget OHMYENGLISH along the conversation. Lol. I need to sharpen my English after this. Manglish doesn’t help at all!

Mrs Tomoko. I need to have a hat for myself next time.
          After 12 day of hard worked, I am roasted alive by the burning sun. This will take for another 6 months to get to my former fairness. But I’m not so sure if by bleaching at the beauty spa can fasten the recovery. I will keep this in mind. Maybe in future I have to equipped myself with the farmer's hat because I do wear sun blocks but it didn't work. Sunblock, you have let me down!

The team

Friday, October 26, 2012

Red Roses

Dear love,

Although it has been 15 days ago when this bouquet arrived at my house, 
It is never too late to say THANK YOU!
Lovely walaupon da layu!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Yes! The delivery was a little bit delayed! But thanks again Syamil! Hope that you like it and may the special person you want to give it to will love it too! So sorry for the delay. A very hectic moments for the past couple of weeks.

PS: To Syamil's GF..."Happy Belated Birthday!"

Friday, October 5, 2012

Ohh Please!

Once a while, I will have a glace at my past.
A dark one...That no one knows and no one will
The one I regret the most
Things I like not to remember
Then, I look far ahead into the future
Will I manage those responsible in the future?
Can I achieve what I wanted in this life?
Where will I be then?
Whom I will become?
May I be running, walking or crawling towards it?

One day you tell me proudly about some of your 'fabulous' past
Should I compared it with mine?
Should I be happy?
Should I run?
But the truth, this is what I felt
It just because your fab past make me wonder more of my future
Am I making the right choice now?
Well, I have flaws and not proud of it.

Owh, Emosi sudah tulisan harini! Thahaha :) 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Nabilah+Fahmi Big Day!

It has been a week she became a wife since 28th September 2012. It was a big day for my cousin, si Nabilah Amiruddin. Congratulations! Besides of all the dramas had taken place in our memories, the best thing is we manage to put it into a huge success! Alhamdulillah.

Attire....beautiful...Hand bouquet, haruslah handmade!
          The akad nikah ceremony was held at Jeumpa D'ramo, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar. I was a family-owned boutique hotel. Huge place with swimming pools, nice rooms, cozy, classy and Me like! Suitable place for small parties and even a small wedding ceremony. The more amazing things were yet to come. After entering the hall and then came the gorgeous pelamin! With purple velvet chair and come with fresh flower decoration. So elegant and nice! The beautiful pelamin was made by Rezo Collection.

The pelamin by  Rezo Collection.
          Okey...now I'll tell you about the drama behind the hantaran. She decided to put fresh flowers as the decoration for the hantaran. So, early September both of us went to Floristika, Bangsar. Well, of course I was stunned by hundreds of flowers and colours to choose from. But, unfortunately by my personal view, I think the prize was quite expensive and moreover they didn't have the colours that we wanted. A week before the bid day, we went to a flower wholesaler at Petaling Street. Yes! Seriously cheaper than Floristika and they have a humongous blue hydrangeas (just like my hantaran from fiancee) compared to Floristika, small hydrangea only in purple and pink but no fully blue colour. There they have the colours that she wanted, purple eustoma! The hantaran was made by Kak Rose and Aunty Normah. Nice work and well done. Well, I didn't help on this because of the non beneficial meeting with the top management at the office. Menyesal tak cuti!

          The next day, the wedding ceremony from her side was held at Dewan Merak Kayangan. The theme was butter and thank goodness there was no scallop thingy for her pelamin. I really just don't get it why does the MK's management didn't change the pelamin's package. So out dated. You have to pay extra bucks just to get rid the scallops and have another decent pelamin design. So not cool!

During the ceremony and photo session with her BFF.
P/S: Zai, Pija, kalau nak suma satu kaler cam ni boleh ke?

          Just before the ceremony, I was text-ed by the MC of the day and introduced herself as Yuyu. While reading and replying the sms, I just wonder to myself, "Jangan-jangan Yuyu kawanku tu..." And yes! I was 100% right! So happy to see her again after 10 years leaving the high schools. Yelah biase tengok dia kat TV3 je kan..Thehehe. Of course both of us are excited upon the meeting. Siap jerit-jerit kat pintu MK kat majlis resepsi org pulak tu... Ish2! Glad to meet her again...yang penting macaroons! Boleh nempah la kalau gini... Kalau dia tak sibuk lah...hehe

Meet Yuyu my friend since primary school.

CONGRATULATION again to si Nabilah and her husband, Fahmi. Semoga jodoh berkekalan hingga akhir hayat dan bahagia semalanya. InsyaAllah :)