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Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Resolutions

The third day of 2013


It has been the third day of 2013, I guess it wasn't that late to say happy new year although for me I already had my new year on 15 November 2012 ( 1 Muharram 1434 ). According to the Islamic Calender, I would be 30 years old this year. Alhamdulillah. Welcome to the 3 series. I was born on 2nd Jumaada al-awal 1404 A.H and after some serious online calculation, I will be celebrating the 30th birthday on 14th March 2013. Wohho...okey, hoping there will be NO depressing moments on that day.

Are there any resolution for this year? Is there any? Well, 2012 has been a kick start for me. Yes, meeting my cutie pie, the business went well (of course there are a bit slope here and there just like riding roller-coaster), got the shiny stones on the finger, working with snails (more to come this year), has tonnes of excellent cooking and baking experiments etc.

Got my eyes on Leica.but I had better take a good care of my LX-3!

What do I wanted for this year 2013?
  1. Settle the PTPTN loans - always been a nightmare. Just a little bit more!
  2. Be Happy
  3. More travelling and more pictures!
  4. Visit the beaches - I miss to be there! Sedey hokey.
  5. Learn to deco cake with fondant.
  6. Have more creative ideas.
  7. More success for this year.
  8. Nak kurus!
  9. Have a big event at the end of the year..Weehoo!