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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Careful with what you eat and use!

CANCER is a word that hunts many of us and feared by others. It is often related to a horrible disease that shorten the life span of those who affected by it. When we go to supermarket, how often of us read the labels of your food, cosmetics or even toiletries? There are actually some of the chemicals contain in the products can lead us to cancer. Today friends, I love to share with you some of the cancer-causing chemicals that was often used in our daily product and you should think twice or trice before you bought the products.


It is known as an artificial sweetener that is known to cause cancer but in year 2000, it has been removed from the list of cancer causing chemicals although studied still show that it causes cancer in laboratory animals. I wonder, why an artificial sweetener when you have sugar and honey?

Bubble Tea or Pearl Milk Tea

Yes! This is my favorite drinks too! I. The main ingredient of this product is milk essence which gives the bubble tea its fragrance and flavor. The fragrance and tastiness are derives from the traces of arsenic, lead, copper and many other harmful minerals. Besides cancer, long term consumption of these elements can lead to other health complications like heart and blood vessel disease. Too bad!

Potassium Bromate

It is used to treat flour to give baked good a sponge like quality. It is also can be found in tooth paste, mouth washes and gargles. This chemical has been banned world wide except in United State and Japan.

Diet Sodas

The use of artificial sugar, aspartame make s the drink a cancer-causing agents. Thank goodness I am not into diet sodas and they even said that people who drank diet sodas are more prone to obesity. Just drink plain water. Much more safer.

Grilled or Barbecued Food

Cooking food at high temperature can lead to the formation of minute quantities of potent carcinogens that comparable to those in cigarette smoke.


Widely used in skin care products asan anti-microbial preservative in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics products and it mimics estrogen in the body. If you have endometriosis, using products with paraben will increase the estrogen in your body and make more painful symptoms for you. Another study conducted by a group of British researchers discovered traces of parabens in tumors of breast cancer patient.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

Who doesn't like bubble when using soaps or shampoos? SLS is an ingredient that generates more bubbles and widely used in commercial shampoos, but it's also used in engine degreasers. It can be stored throughout the body including in the eyes, brain, heart, and liver, and can even change genetic information in cells. It can react with other ingredients in shampoos and body cleansers to form carcinogenic nitrates and dioxins. With just one shampooing, large numbers of nitrates can be absorbed by the skin and enter the blood supply.

Source: Google and Newspaper :)