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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sequinned Shawl

Finished to sew all the sequins back to their place at the shawl.Phew~ Such a hard work! You can see a big differences between these two picture rite? As Kak Puteri said, "Dah berakar-akar orang tengok ni,"  when the package arrived at my desk. How sad. I know maybe the person who sell this shawl maybe in a bit of hurry but please lah, quality is important to! Forget me not the sequins already uprooted here and there. It is hard to be so fussy. At the end of the day look what I have done. I sew them back properly and the result much more promising! I am not a professional so, it takes for a week to sew them back together. This is the reminder to myself why I hate online shopping and thank goodness I am not addicted to it. 

The shawl when it first came in - Sucks a big time!

After the alteration - Puas hati daku!

PS: Saya memohon maaf kalau ade yang terkecil hati dengan entry ni. But, quality do matters if you wanted a lifetime customer. Keikhlasan hati adalah penting dalam berniaga. (Untuk peringatan pada diri sendiri juga).