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Friday, September 20, 2013

Cameron Trip: Mountain Strawberry Farm


After we had filled our tummy with nice and sweet foods, the next mission would be hunting vegetables for our dinner tonight. Earlier on our way up the hill to BOH Tea plantation, Intan saw junction to a strawberry farm. We decided to go there after the meals. The strawberry farm was great! The most attractive thing about the place was the worker there was extra extra friendly (they even asked weather all of us are single but just answered we aren't). They willingly helped you to snap thousands of your crazy picture with giant size strawberries and tomatoes. I did participate because I found it hilarious and want to keep it as one of the memories.

Besides picking your own strawberries, you may also pick up other vegetable from the farm such as carrots, salads, tomatoes tamarillos and cabbage. Note that they also have their cactus garden but didn't managed to visit. I wonder why.

The price of strawberries was RM5.00/100g and RM45/1kg (correct if I'm wrong). Tell you a secret, if you don't mind about you strawberries size, please buy them from the night market or at Kea Farm. You can get much cheaper prize at RM20/kg. But, if you mind about the size, pick them yourself because it is more worth it. 

Strawberries picked by Anas.
The most ugly cake ever made. Strawberries from Kea Farm. Didn't have the same size. 
Solutions for the strawberries - Bake pavlovas! Yums!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cameron Trip: Boh Tea Centre, Sungei Palas


Selamat Hari Malaysia and it was a long weekend for me. Let us continue on the last weekend adventure to Cameron. After the colourful journey through the Lavender Farm, all of us are feeling really hungry. Next we are heading to the tea farm and having our brunch there.

The scenery was amazingly beautiful! Full with green and fresh air. Wohhoo! I am loving it and I really wish to live here on the highland. It certainly washed away all the stress for sure.

Luscious tea carpet. Love the green!

Taken at the car parking lot by Pija.
After a walk up the hill, we are here at the BOH Tea Centre. Yeay. Our little stomach is grumbling for food right now. We need sweet and extra food please!

At the main entrance. Tak sempat nak pose di sini.
The view of the cafe terrace. Nice and stunning! Love this
You can found this baby at the main entrance. It was an antique solid brass tea rolling table.
These are the aromatic garden tea at the cafe. I managed to taste Gunung Chantik and Palas Afternoon Tea. I prefer Gunung Chantik for its colour and mild taste.

Above are pictures of us with hungry faces having our brunch. I'm having the chocolate cake (RM9.00) and a cup of tea from a pure tea leaves of Gunung Chantik (RM4.50). The scones a super crumbly and soft that cost RM8.00 which was serve with whipped cream and strawberry jam. If you still feel hungry and cold, mushroom soup will do a great job. It serve with bread and croutons which makes it delicious. Sorry for not knowing the price. Hihi 

This was taken before the foods join in the crowd. 
Picture was taken at the hallway entrance to the tea store. At this moment I was eager to get Gunung Chantik Tea for mum.
After tea shopping. Unfortunately Gunung Chantik Tea was not available. SEDIH! Maybe next time. But got Strawberry-Raspberry flavoured Tea for mum instead.
One of the picture was Shima promoting the 3 in 1 tea. Cuteness! She always has this photogenic pictures unlike mine, always with the serious and scary looks. Not a model type perhaps. Honestly buying the teas here are much more expensive. If you really wanted to buy teas in big bulk as souvenir for families and friends, it is recommended buying them from the market or Kea Farm. Much more cheaper.

Before heading down to the next stop, pose a memorable picture besides the terrace with backdrop of tea plantation.

Last stop at the BOH centre we decided to take memorable picture of us at the tea plantation area. Lots of people do too have a stop here to take a remarkable picture. We have umbrellas as our prop for the picture. Zaidiana managed to bring along tripod making sure all of us are in the picture! Thank you Zaidiana for the thought and bravo!

All of us are in the picture. I remember Ili was running into the tea bushes after setting the camera's timer
(Photo credit to Ili)
Photo taken by Pija - that why she wasn't in the picture. Of all the pictures taken, I think this was probably shows each of our personality. (Me- Minah cover cun)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Cameron Trip: Lavender Farm


The clock ticks to 1.05 pm. Finally we arrived at Cameron Lavender Farm. The place are fill with visitors and I am totally excited to check out the blooming lavender. I never see the lavender for real before (except the dried lavender in sachet). To get to see the flowers, you have to pay RM5.00 per entry. I think it was a reasonable price and people don't mind paying for it since the place was quite congested. 

This is at the main entrance of the Lavender Farm.

The place was full with flowers and they are totally beautiful! Guess that I might be fainted if I get to see a bigger flower farm. Here at the farm they has yellow daisy, petunia, morning glory etc. But the most disappointing moment is when the  lavender didn't bloom and has no flower! SEDIH moment sangat!

Lavender without flowers.

Owh well, nevermind. Maybe some day I will experience to see more beautiful flowers in future. Hewhew. Here, they have provided spots with props for us to have an awesome pictures with the flowers. Unfortunately, I didn't roam to the whole place such as the castle, view point, strawberry farm and the cafe. I can't imagine how big is the place actually. Maybe I will visit again next time! 

Thank you for stopping by!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cameron Highland Trip


It has been a few months my friends had prepared for the trip to Cameron Highland. This is our first time together on a trip for 2D1N. Thanks to Intan, Zaidiana and Shima for the arrangement. We had agreed to gathered at Pija's house at 7.00 am. Zaidiana was there when I arrived at the house. Thought I was late at that morning but fortunately not! Phew. After a yum nasi lemak breakfast with sambal bilis and fried chicken, we head on to our journey at 9.30 am. Intan and Ili are driving us to Cameron and they are good drivers compared to me. If I was the driver, surely I didn't have the patience and will overtake slower cars if I had a chance. Thank you Intan because being a patience driver. BRAVO!

Having big breakfast nasi lemak. Sedap mak Pija masak! Terima kasih makcik :)

This picture was taken by Pija's father. Eight of us and two cars driven by pretty ladies!

Finally, I managed to captured the picture of IPOH signage. Yehoo! But after zooming the picture you can see the vandalism on the letters. I wonder how did they when up there. Curious. After almost 4 hours of a winding journey, we are here up on the Cameron Highland. Yeay! No need to turn on the car's aircond because it was cold up there. 

Winding roads and cold air!
Here is the map of the Cameron Highland for you and I as reference in future. We are all exited to be at Cameron because some of us has never set foot on the highland for more than 20 years. The first pit stop was the Cameron Lavender Garden. This will be reviewed at the next entry! Thank you for stopping by :)  

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Syawal 2012 - Keropok Cap Tenggiri

I am on my way back to Kuala Lumpur. It has been a short time celebrating raya at my hometown. So sad! I am going to miss them. Sudah lah jarang balik sekejab ja pulak tu.

On the way, I managed to stop over at one of the shop that sells keropok lekor. Never miss it and I do think it was one of the best keropok lekor shop! Sedap. Moreover, there are various types of keropok were sold there too. If you come to visit Terengganu and have keropok lekor on your mind, I recommend to have a stop here at the Kedai Keropok Cap Tenggiri at Kemaman.

The keropok lekor was freshly made in front of your eyes

Monday, August 20, 2012

Syawal 2012 - Teluk Bidara

Me and family
          Ewah...feel extreamly happy because all of us went to the beach. Of course I do feel a bit a jakun. There is no beaches available in Kuala Lumpur. I meant a real one. It is not the same as the fake one in Sunway Lagoon. Here at the Teluk Bidara at this moment held so many visitors and further more today was a second day of raya. Amboi, ni yang balik kampung beraya sambil berenang-renang kat pantai. Curlass ko Melah... But all of us said no no to have a swim there. I do think it is quite dangerous and plus I don't know how to swim. So, all of us just enjoy the nice sunset view. Beautiful!

Beautiful sunset : )

Friday, July 6, 2012

Putrajaya Floria 2012


Today is Friday. Friday means that a long lunch time. Owh Yeay! So, I have decided to grab along some friends from the laboratory to have a nice tour to the Putrajaya Floria 2012 at the Waterfront, Precint 2, Putrajaya. It is a showcase of outdoor and indoor garden and flower starting from 30 June -8 July 2012. The participant for this event coming from not only the best Malaysian landscape and horticulture industry but also international.

          The theme for this year was Bougainvillea - Enduring Beauty which showcase the biggest collection of Bougainvillea in full bloom with outdoor and indoor theme garden displays. But sadly I may said that the Bougainvillea was not really a hit. I found that the color was not bright enough compare to other flowers there. I hope next year the theme flower should be vibrant.

The cute friends :D
Indoor exhibition.
Some of flowers at the exhibition
Sea life with flowers
I bought these cactus :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Welcome To Thailand!

Saje je nak cerita...Well, this is my first time step my foot on Thailand's soil. Wohoo! Exited even though not that far from Malaysia. Just across the border. Anyway thanks to Datuk for bringing us to Dannok although it was really a short trip. Seriously I'm not satisfied because there are so much interesting things there. memang best. They said the night life there were awesome (only for men I guess). But it is okay, no need to be there at night because I think it is quite scary. For only 3 hours of roaming around Dannok, this is what I found interesting and mainly about foood! I wanted to go there again next time!

Welcome to Thailand...Sempat ambil gambar budak kiut!

Fruits look great!
Corn... first time seeing the purple color. 
Coconut drinks and flavored glutinous rice.
Kak Izan and Ain
Usus? Seriously?

Pulut ayam goreng siap dengan logo Halal :D