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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

{LovelyIdeas} Less than 100 days!

The sense of nervousness had came to me now. Like seriously I have done only a few things. Really a few things and there is so much to do. This and that. Let me count the days..1, 2, 3...erk less than 100 days to go. So many ideas, so many to choose from yet few things yet not completed. Ok, nervous!

Things I thought are cute and simple taken from Anggerik Weddings. Well, I am not really pleased with myself for being so perfectionist. It is hard actually. To be so fussy on the little things do making things a little bit slow. To make things even worst, I like to DIY so it will be based on what I have imagine in this head rather than buying or to get some help from other people. CRAZY indeed! Huhu...Wish me luck people for this less than 100 day event. OMG!

Love the ideas :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

{LovelyIdeas} Paper Roses

Seriously, I am so fond of paper and I have tonnes of colorful paper at my house. The appetite for paper are much more worst than food! While scrolling up and down into the web, I found this such an inspirational tutorial on how to make a paper roses...It was gorgeous and yet so simple. The tutorial was shown by Rachel Grace at Heart of Light. I copied the tutorial just in case I need it for future reference...huhu. Enjoy and be creative people!

1. Cut the paper into squares 


2. Fold the paper into half and trimmed into petal shape (the imperfect shape is ok!)

3. Once you have a nice pile of trimmed petals, start rolling them between your fingers. Form them into little tubes.

4. Roll the petal back up (over the glue) and hold for a few second so it can set up. This will be the center of the flower.

5. Repeat the same steps as with the second petal. You're holding the flower in your left hand, spreading out a new petal with the lower fingers and applying glue to the base corners.

6. Growing flower. Continue to add more petals. You'll want the petals to flare out more and or as you work your way along. Eventually, you'll end up with a nice full flower.

7. There's really no exact finishing point. You can add fewer petals if you don't want your flower completely flat on the bottom or if you want it narrower. You can add more to make it extra full.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

{LovelyIdeas} Pink Salmon

I have locked my eyes for the color of  salmon pink for quite some times. I do love pink pretty much but it was a bit boring. Something new and fresh would be best to boost up a cheerful day! So, I have been searching through the net for the color scheme and YES...I don't know which one to choose.

Salmon Pink
Hex #F69795 
Light Salmon Pink
Hex #F09990 
Hex #F8A693 

Salmon Rose
Hex #F0636C 
Light Salmon Rose
Hex #F27A82
Hex #F69680 

But after a while seeing these colors, I think that the Salmon color looks more warm than the rest and I love it too. So, how can I choose which one is the best. I REALLY NEED HELP!