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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hantaran - Paper Flower

Today me will tell you about the preparations. Hantaran was my favorite part of them all. Why? Because it was 100% handmade! Seriously I'm officially feel proud of myself. The Orange, yellow and pink roses was made from crepe paper. The secret for making this beautiful paper roses was patience and determination. The results was indeed satisfying and according to what I have imagine before! HAPPY! 
The orange, pink and yellow paper flower!

          People always says that sharing is caring rite? Here are the tutorials for making these Paper Roses. Well, from the tutorial, the roses was made from normal paper but this technique can be applied to other type of paper too! I believe you can do it too because it was simple to make.

          Serious speaking, DIY stuff is far more cheaper. With a little bit of creativity and imagination you can turn up scraps to something wonderful, beautiful and amazing that may awe people who appreciate the creative things. These are the vendors which I bought all the supplies for making the hantarans:
  • Yen Riben at Semua House, Jalan TAR (pink and yellow crepe paper)
  • Cziplee Books and Stationery, Kajang (orange crepe paper )
  • SSF, Jalan Tar (white doily pattern fruit bowl and plate)
  • Kedai Bunga, Medan Idaman, Gombak (white and silver wire, ribbons, beads etc)
  • S&J Gift & Collection, Alpha Angle, Wangsa Maju (dark purple boxes)
  • Hinode Shop, Wangsa Walk (glass container)

          If I had more flower it would be even greater. Plus, if I had put pillow (nowadays tends) between the hantaran's tray and the flower/box it will look more superb. But it's okey. I have another preparation of the wedding next year. It looks like I have to gather more info and latest trends from now onward. Wah, boleh? hihi. I like to say thank again to my aunt for the fruits and songket arrangement. To fold the songket into fan figure, yup I really do not know how to do that. Also to Mak Su Kartinie for making the complicated and beautiful Tulip Sarawak Layered Cake (the only one can do it). Not forgetting Pija and Zaidiana for the fondant cake and manage to have the same colour palette. The cake was bought from Isabella Kek, Danau Kota. Lastly to Aunty Rose and Shai for the sweet smelled of jasmine of  the Sirih Junjung.

The arrangement of the hantarans.

Close up by Anat Photography. (Lagi sharp seyh berbanding taken from my camera)

The theme of blue from their side - Love the color and arrangement ( it looks more WOW if picture were waken  with the blue pillow!)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

{LovelyIdeas} Less than 100 days!

The sense of nervousness had came to me now. Like seriously I have done only a few things. Really a few things and there is so much to do. This and that. Let me count the days..1, 2, 3...erk less than 100 days to go. So many ideas, so many to choose from yet few things yet not completed. Ok, nervous!

Things I thought are cute and simple taken from Anggerik Weddings. Well, I am not really pleased with myself for being so perfectionist. It is hard actually. To be so fussy on the little things do making things a little bit slow. To make things even worst, I like to DIY so it will be based on what I have imagine in this head rather than buying or to get some help from other people. CRAZY indeed! Huhu...Wish me luck people for this less than 100 day event. OMG!

Love the ideas :)