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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Recipe: Popia Goreng

For almost a week now that I am so craving to eat Fried Popia. But, I don't want to just buy them from the Ramadhan Bazaar. You know how they sometimes taste awful  and regret from buying them after that. You are considered yourself lucky if you find a really good Fried Popia and lest not forget the cheap one.

          I remember on the second day of Ramadhan I managed to get some of the food at the Wangsa Maju Ramadhan Bazaar near to the LRT station. I saw Popia Basah there and asked the seller, "Abang, ni berape harganya?". He answer, "Dua ringgit 4 biji dik." With the look on my face and of course some chit chat with myself, "Popia kecik kurus camni dua ringgit dapat 4? Mahal kot."...But I said to the seller, "Okey la bang, kasik dua ringgit". Hahaha, I still bought them although it was thin enough. Kempunan punya pasal. The moral is, Fried Popia or Popia Basah at the Night Market on Wednesday near my house was still the best so far! Fat, spicy and the happy thing was you can get 5 popia for RM2.00.

        This is what had happen yesterday. I made my own popia! Happy! Furthermore I was exited to shared the recipe too because it was so easy to make. Managed to do this after I arrived from the working place all away from Serdang (Imagine the jams!Penat!). Alhamdulillah, this is our Juadah berbuka puasa for yesterday.


    1 Cloves of Garlic / Bawang Putih
    2 Shallots / Bawang Merah
    1 Carrot
    1/4 Jicama / Sengkuang
    1 Egg
    150g Minced Meat
    Salt and Pepper
    Popia's pastry

    1. Fried garlic and shallots with a little bit of oil
    2. Add in the meat. Fry the meat until cooked and put in together all the vegetables.
    3. Put in some pepper and salt for the taste.
    4. Lastly break the egg in the middle of the frying pan and stir it.
    5. Fry this filling until dry.
    6. Let the filling cool a little bit.
    7. Now you can rolled the filling with the popoia's pastry.

The popia's filling

You see I managed to roll them...but I think it is not that pretty though.