Sunday, November 25, 2012

Jalan-jalan MAHA 2012

Semalam, sempat singgah sekejab di MAHA International 2012, MAEPS Serdang. Dekat je dengan office tambahan pula rehat hari Jumaat kan panjang. Sebelum pi MAHA, sempatlah perkena cendol pulut dan rojak sotong sebelah UNITEN. Memang terbaik aih~ Seriously sangatlah meriah keadaanya kat situ. Macam-macam ade daripada kuih-muih, sate ikan (popular sangat time sekolah rendah dulu), cendawan name it lah. Semuanya ade weh. Sebaik tak blaja kat UNITEN dulu, kalau idok, abes la rupa parasku.

Diambil dari enciksepul punya blog
          Okey-okey, cite pasal MAHA pulak. Memang ramainya orang walaupun semalam masih ramai lagi peserta baaru nak setup booth mereka. Parking memang jangan kata lah. Penuh amat. Tak tahu lah kalau hari ni. Mesti parking tepi-tepi jalan tu aja. Semalam, sebab parking pon jauh amat, so daku parking illegally aje. Tak perlu bayar RM3.00. Kalau nak dikenangkan semata-mata nak jejalan kat MAHA ni memang tidak lah daku menyinggahnya. Tujuan, nak tengok ler booth Maksu Tini. Nasib jumpa. Serious besar eh MAHA nih.. Banyak tempatnya. Booth Maksu Tini letaknya kat Agro Bazar. Lama jugaklah nak cari. Banyak produk-produk bumiputra ada dijual contohnya seperti frozen food, cokelat, biskut dll. 

Booth Maksu Tini - Produk Kek Lapis Sarawak dan Kukis.

Sila jangan tiru aksi ini :)

          Jomlah pergi MAHA tahun ni. Macam-macam ada. Jangan risau kalau parking jejauh sebenarnya sebab ade kemudahan shuttle bus disediakan. Cuma saya rasa kesian sikit kalau ada yang sakit lutut dan sebagainya...memang besar nak jalan-jalan tengok kawasan. Kepada sesiapa yang bertujuan nak membeli belah, dinasihatkan bawa sekali troli kecil. Untuk kemudahan nak mengangkit barang yang banyak nanti. MAHA Internasional 2012 bermula pada 24 November hingga 2 Disember ni. Masih sempat 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bulgogi Brothers (Korean BBQ) @ Curve, Damansara


Suddenly I just have the feeling to speak korean language. Hehehe.

          Last Sunday, my fiance' and I decided to have lunch at Ikea since  I was craving for the delicious meatballs. Been dreaming to have the balls! While I was on my way to park the car at the Curve, he saw the signage of Bulgogi Brothers and ask me to try the korean food since both of us never taste it before. I said ok, but I like to have the meatball first (tak mau mengalah!). Well, it was Sunday and of course very long cue towards the food counter at Ikea and please don't ask me about the seating there. Because I was so determined, we managed to get seated at some corner :) 

          I was full with 5 meatballs, broccoli and chocolate almondy cake in my tummy. Hoping that he will forget the korean food. So, I asked him to watch Skyfall (which I found out that the movie was devastatingly boring and such a disappointing) later after having the meatballs. Then, on our way to the Curve, tada! There was the Bulgogi Brothers Restaurant in front of us. With his smiley face, I know he didn't forget about it and said, "Jom cuba ni pulak!". I asked him to have it after the movie but he said no because he was hungry. And of course I agree with him...Habes diet iolls!

Bulgogi Brothers Special (RM81.90 for 400g, RM121.90 for 600g) and the beef served here is  Australian beef. There are a few beef dish to choose from either the combination of Unyang and Gwangyang-style bulgogi, Gwangyang-sik bulgogi and many more. Click here to find out the menu. The Unyang-sik bulgogi is a considered royal cuisine and made in heart-shape and Gwangyang-sik bulgogi is thinly sliced seasoned beef served with leeks, sweet potatoes, mushrooms and onions. For today we tried the Gwangyang-sik bulgogi. The beef is grilled in front us as the each server table was equipped with the induction cooker.

Complimentary from the house, Memil Cha and lots of vegetables - Kimichi, Kangkong in soya sauce, white reddish (I guess so),  corn, reen peas, sweet potato, simmered lotus in soy sauce (Yeon-gn Jorim), pumpkin+sweet potato paste and kangkong with sesame. (Phew~ Korean do eat a lot!) 

          Besides that, as this is our first time trying the korean dish, he likes to have bibimbap (influenced from korean drama - Running Man). He choose to eat Chicken Bibimbap, a korean style fried rice with spicy chicken slices and lots of vegetables. For me, I didn't like the taste. Maybe the waitress have put in too much the spicy sauce (I'm not a fan of spicy foods).

The waitress, Yati helped us grilling our Gwangyang-sik bulgogi. Love!

Chicken Bibimbap.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Birthday treats at Ben's KLCC

It has a lovely ambiance and sometimes I would like to have the same interior designs for my future house (just an angan-angan). One day I said to my fiance' that the place was awesome and proposed that maybe both of us can dine there together. As time goes by, after the his sulking face towards my forgetfulness finally I managed to bring him to the Ben's located at Suria KLCC. It was his first time there and he loves the place too!

From Google

Cozy ambiance (from

          Since he was always away from me and once in a blue moon seeing around, to have a lunch with him is a bless. Especially if my tummy was full, he was there for me to eat them all. Love love love! Untung ade bakal suami begini. Say no to food wasting. So, for his birthday lunch treats, we are having Crabmeat Linguine Puttanesca and Macaroni Cheese. Meanwhile for dessert we have this lovely Macadamia CheeseCake Sundae. Actually, I would like to have the pavlova...but no thanks because the serving for the crabmeat linguine was really alot!

Crabmeat Linguine Puttanesca RM23.90

Macaroni Cheese RM20.90

Our drinks for the day.

Berries Pavlova Sandwich RM11.90

Macadamia CheeseCake Sundae RM10.90

Lastly..Happy Birthday again Sweetheart! Glad that you enjoy the foods!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Dear Sweetheart,
I like to wish you a happy birthday!
Hope that you will have a fabulous upcoming year ahead!
May your wish and dreams come true, InsyaAllah.
And may there will be more adventurous journey for us throughout the year.
After the sleepless night making this little gift, I really hope that you will like it.

Your Fiance'

Love the cocktail design!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Jom perkena mee rebus!

After a long hard day working at the trial plot in MARDI...I'm proudly announce it is now lunch time!
 Today I was given a chance to choose the eating place! Hooray!
I'm thinking to have something light and no-no rice please! I had plenty of them and feels fat enough.
There was a nice place that I haven't yet visit since last time in 2010 with my lab's colleague. 
They said the place was quite famous and it was true indeed because served you with delicious yet a simple meal. 
Welcome to  Mee Rebus Mak Long!
Of course the house specialty was mee rebus. The plain mee rebus cost you for only RM3.50 and the special mee rebus (you can have it with beefs prawns or chickens) for only RM 4.50. Amazingly cheap! It was a simple detection on how to know to food was indeed good when Prof Albert is around. just asked him aout the food and if he answer, "ohh, I think the food is very nice, it wasn't spicy and I like it." This means that the food was great!
Besides mee rebus, you can have chicken rice and it was a nice dish also. Smelled of homemade cooking really rocks your appetite especially when you are really far away form home. 

 So, kawan-kawan, jangan lupa singgah na kalau ke Kepala Batas. Pi pekena mee rebus!

I'm having Mee Rebus Special with Beefs 

Prof Albert is excited - I can it from here!
Tapai Pulut - as appetizer :)