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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Another Wedding Project!


The first wedding project in 2013 for Syafiqah and Shah's happiest day!

I would like to congratulate both of them and may the marriage will always be blessed by Allah and together forever until Jannah.

The signage was in A3 size and in vintage style with paper roses, quilling hearts and butterfly.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr Kharidah

Dear Dr. Syarifah Kharidah,

I like to wish you a warm 50th birthday!
May there will be more happiness ahead.

     I made this butterfly card for her birthday and glad she loves it. Surprisingly she asked me this question, "Wow, you are so creative and what are you doing here as a Chemist?" Err, err, I really don't want to answer that. Then she added some more, "You should put up your own shop like what Lovely Lace kinda concept." I just smile at her and there of course I do had a little twinkling in my heart says, InsyaAllah Dr, someday maybe."

PS: Tomorrow I'll be updating the whole bunch of the birthday event and now still stuck here at the office...Terrible rains outside. Will be stuck in traffic jam of course!