Friday, October 17, 2014

Wedding Pictures

As Salam,

Picture captures memories and the value is priceless.
Managed to get my wedding album finally after all the DRAMA with the LEP personnel. I will not mention full name here but you may find them after all.

Let me tell you the drama and here there goes ~

After 3 months of the event, I asked LEP when can I expected to have the album and the he said based on the terms, I shall get it 2 – 4 months after the event and he will called when it is ready. Maybe it was my mistake for not reading the terms correctly.

After 5 months of the event, the album is ready and LEP offered the postage services. I agreed for the album to be post to the house since since husband and I are quite busy at the time. Made full payment on 27th May and I waited the tracking number of the postage. Fortunately, after a month the photographer did asked me weather I received the album or not and no, I didn't received them. The LEP personnel said that he will check the status of the delivery and moments later he confirmed that the album was still with him. I really feel suspicious then.

After a few days, I asked again about the status of the postage, hoping again he will give me the tracking number. Casually, he said, they managed to find my house in order to deliver the album but no one seems to be at the house at that time. Can you believe it? It was on working days, of course there is no one at the house! We were working! I don't know why on earth he did not have the sense at all. He can just at least tell me a day earlier that somebody will come to deliver the goods!

Then, later he asked me to pick it up myself. Now I am pissed because I already made payment for the delivery and I don’t have time to go around during working days. Politely, I asked for him to deliver the album by postage again and hoping again for the tracking number. Then, after two times of asking about the status on July and August, he did not reply my massage at all! Melampau kot!

I can't take it anymore and I passed the task to husband. Husband called and asked about the album, he said to husband, “Saya kena check dulu, yelah main campak-campak je.” Eh, eh, eh…suka hati nak kata begitu! After confirming he had the album, we agreed to pick up at his place in Klang the next day. 

Today, my husband and I drove ourselves to Taman Sentosa Klang, called the LEP and we waited in front of NSK. He said he will be there in 15 minutes time. Both of us happily waited for him and minutes later, he asked us to wait for him in front of Sentosa Specialist Hospital. We navigated our way there about a few meters ahead. Waited, and managed to shop household and eating cendol while waiting. Suddenly, he called and said. “Saya ade dekat depan kedai alatulis BEACON, boleh ambil album kat sini. Saya nak hantar anak pergi sekolah”. WHAAATTTT! My husband was so pissed off right then and me also. I know the distance between the hospital and the stationary shop wasn’t far. But the integrity and how he treats the customer sucks big time! I will never forget this experience. KESIAN! He just passed album and terus blah and didn’t say thank you at all. Can’t believe I’m meeting people like this in this life.

Now about the album:-
  1. Alhamdulillah, no spelling mistake of the name and date
  2. NO hantaran pictures from me to husband. Not a single picture!
  3. NO picture with family at Nikah Event. SEDIH!
  4. The quality of the album was good.
  5. I wish there is more picture of the guest, so I know who came on that day.
So far, the picture was ok but only the service was terrible. The photographer still owes me a post wedding photo session and I think that I will let go of it. Lebih baik daripada sakit hati dengan service yang teruk.

These are the pictures that I like the most. Enjoy!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Blue Kitchen It Is


Owh. It was a little bit dusty here don't you think so? Well, I'm quite busy with the work at the office and at the house. Haha. Only now I had a chance to update this dusty blog.

I am aiming for new oven right now and it is going to be placed at the new house. I dreamt to have a big oven for the kitchen but due to the space limit, I think I rather had a stand gas oven+cooker. It was a little small but worth it. And plus, I found this kitchen with the stand cooker at and it was gorgeous! It is done. My future kitchen will be in blue colour. InsyaAllah.


Monday, November 25, 2013

Puan is Back to the Office!


          Hai. It has been two weeks of long holidays and had a super busy on the last triple weekends. Well, changing the title from "Cik" to "Puan" was a bit challenging. I am tired of course and while reading the letter from HR Dept, I was in a shock. I'm supposed to be "Cik" on 30th October lah! What an error. Sabar sajalah. Sambil urut dada.

          I'm married now and became a wife to Khairul Syafiq. Buat setakat ini, baru 3 kali masak untuk husband. Which are Ayam Masak Merah, Sambal Telur Puyuh and Sotong Ball. Ahahaha. Pitam! Yang lain tak sempat le teman nak mengerjakan lagi. Makan di kedai lebih banyak dari masak kat rumah. Boleh la tu kan? Asalkan perut kenyang, hati pun senang!

          Okey...nak preview gambar kawin. Sabar je bila tengok rambut lakiku itu, serabai benar. Jangan tak tahu, samping pun pengantin ikatkan sendiri. It was a hectic day! Berkejar sana sini. Masa ini memang teman idok kurus mana pon. After three weeks kawin baru lah terkedek-kedek nak start kurus balik. Itu pun lepas tengok latest gambar Liza Hanim and Faezah Elai dah kurus! Melelops uolls! So, determination is important at this stage. Feeling-feeling sikit! Padehal lunch tadi baru belasah sedas Megi Goreng dengan Telur Mata. Haah, dieeeet sangat! Next time nak cite pasal kawin la pulak! Kalau sambung sure nanti merepek meraban kat sini. See you soon. Bye~

Friday, October 25, 2013

Lunch at Lava Grill Burger


Masa rehat hari Jummat memang panjangkan? Selalunya agak susah untuk buat keputusan untuk makan tengahari di mana. Jalan-jalan di shopping komplex, makan di restoran fast food atau duduk sahaja habiskan masa di pejabat. Oleh sebab Jumaat lepas tak kemana, maka hari ini perlulah berjalan-jalan meluaskan permandangan. Jalan-jalan area Serdang saja pun. Selama ini saya memang ingat burger bakar hanya beroperasi pada waktu malam. Jadi memang jarang sangat-sangat makan burger bakar. Sekarang memang tiada masalah lagi kalau teringin sangat nak makan burger pada waktu siang. Lunch hari ini dengan KaK Haryati di Lava Grill Burger. Memang bestlah! Jom tengok gambar!

Sirap Limau (RM1.50) dan Jus Mangga (RM3.00)

Balck Pepper Grilled Lamb Chop (RM16.00)
Musnah harapan diet saya. Dah la majlis 2 minggu lagi. Kena sit up 200x petang ini. Mampu?

Lava Single Beef Super Cheesy + French Fries (RM12.00)
          Nah, memang nampak sedapkan. Portion setiap hidangan memang banyak sangat. Pening nak habiskan makanan tadi. Memang mengah weh. Selain daripada burger dan western food, terdapat juga Asam Pedas Claypot dan Kari Claypot yang dihidang bersama nasi. Untuk hidangan claypot, anda boleh memilih jenis ikan yang disediakan seperti siakap, bawal dan kembung. Kepada anda yang teringin atau berminat bolehlah ke Restoran Lava Grill Burger di Sri Serdang.

Lupa nak ambil gambar masa dalam restoran. Gambar luar restoran pun boleh kan :)